Sarah Wallace Life?

"Lets go claim yours."-Sarah

Sarah Wallace Life?....More than I can explain, you will just have to get to know me. This is what I do know...I've been called to tell you that it's time to get yourself together! So, if you're reading this I'd suggest taking it as a sign. No one else will or can do it for you nor do they want to. The people you are secretly waiting on have themselves to worry about. Here's the deal, living a healthy lifestyle begins with developing a strong mental game and then the fit body follows. Of course diet and exercise is important but without the right mental game you will never fully rock your transformation. Trust me, I've been there. My mental game wasn't as strong as it needed to be. I was REALLY STRUGGLING with my overall fitness...more then I want to explain right now, but let me just say it came out nowhere and I felt like I was dying. Sounds dramatic I know but that's the best way I know how to explain in a shorter style  manner. Anyway, I don't know if you believe in a higher power but one day outside of my little cockroach infested apartment in LA I promised God that I would help others if He would just get me freakin unstuck! It was there and then I knew if I could (aka when I do) find out how to break free from my destructive behavior I would have to help others do the same. So here I am. Hi, I'm Sarah Wallace the creator of Sarah Wallace Life. I know your saving grace might not be in the form you expected but I'm your wake up call.


I need you to stop being so stubborn and proud. It's time for you to give up control and trust that you are in the right place at the right time. This is your call out to finally make the decision to stop trying to do it by yourself! I will help you identify whats been keeping you stuck. It's time to get the body and life you that have always been meant to be yours. You are capable of so much greatness, this is your time to rise to the level you have always been meant to be at! You're done saying, "tomorrow." LETS GO!