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Your time for change is NOW.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Feeling And Looking Your Best This Holiday Season. You Owe You.


Have you ever stopped to think why you're low on energy, you lost the glow your skin once had, your head feels cloudy, or nothing in your closet fits quite right?


You've been trying to eat healthy but you're busy so it's hard to find the time. You do your best to work out but where are the results?


Healthy eating and reaching your fitness goals does not have to be this hard.

We not only cook fresh nutritious meals that are tailored to your needs but we deliver locally for no charge, right to your doorstep!

Our goal is to help you reach your goals no matter what they may be and right now it's even more affordable than ever!!! Click below for menu & pricing.

Fitness Services

"You Owe You to be the best version of you possible."-Sarah

Chat Sessions


Sometimes we just need to talk to someone who understands. Fitness is so much more then just diet, exercise, and knowing what to do. A lot of time we have things that are keeping us stuck and unable to reach our goals that need to be worked through. Schedule a chat session with Sarah and experience what a difference it can make!

Corporate Wellness
Fitness After 50

My experiences in helping others create insane transformations has proven to me that in order for us to make permanent changes we have to tackle what drives us (our thoughts) as hard as we tackle our physical training. The unique online coaching programs I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost the metabolism, slim down, shape up and shift your mindset into winning mode.


Create a thriving and healthy company culture through our group fitness classes. No need to travel, we come directly to you! Our programs are packed with variety and tailored to all levels of fitness. Our instructors are geared up and ready to work with our without a inn house gym facility. Consider us the food truck of doesn't get much more convenient!

This is not your average 5o and over fitness coaching. We specialize in creating transformations for the 50 plus that were believed impossible by others. It's your time to look good, feel strong, rehabilitate old injuries, increase flexibility and balance and have fun while doing it!Take your fitness and happiness to a new level in one of our group exercise classes or through online guidance. It's always the right time to get in the best shape of your life. Let us coach you to success.

“Sometimes we all need someone else to believe in us first. I believe in you. Let me help you rise to new levels of health and happiness."-Sarah

Fitness After 50
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